Michael Bueckert

Constituency: Graduate
Board Committees:
Michael Bueckert is a PhD candidate in Sociology and Political Economy at Carleton University. He previously received an MA in Political Economy from Carleton in 2013. His research interests include boycott and divestment campaigns, social movements and activism, and international development aid policy. During his time at Carleton he has represented graduate students in several ways, serving as President and as Vice President Academic of the Graduate Students’ Association, and as the Chairperson of the Ontario Graduate Caucus of the Canadian Federation of Students–Ontario. He has represented graduate students on the Carleton Senate and Graduate Faculty Board, and has actively lobbied municipal, provincial, and federal governments. In all of these roles he has been an advocate for students’ rights, improved services, and lower tuition. He has also served on the board of directors for CKCU, the community radio station located on campus, where he volunteers as a radio host. Michael Bueckert has been elected to the Board for a one-year term, ending on June 30, 2017.

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