Dr. Pradeep Merchant, MBBS, MD, FRCPC, is a well-known and respected individual in the Indo-Canadian community and in the City of Ottawa.  In 1997, he was appointed as Chief of Division of Neonatology at the Ottawa Civic Hospital and the Medical Director of the Rich Little’s Special Care Nursery. Currently, he is the Site Chief of the Division of Neonatology at the Civic Campus.He completed his Paediatric training at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and subsequently, he continued his career in the field of Neonatology at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Following this he joined the University of Ottawa’s Dept. of Paediatrics as an Assistant Professor. He continues to serve Dept. of OBs/Gyn/Newborn care in the executive committee as well as various other leadership roles.  He has played an active role in building strong professional and business organization in Ottawa. He has been an extremely successful Chair of the Indo-Canada Ottawa Business Chamber (ICOBC) for the years 2010-2012. Ever since Prime Minister Harper has called upon all Indo Canadian to create better ties with India and India’s burgeoning economical sectors, Dr. Merchant has worked tirelessly with the private and political sectors to improve economical ties between India and Canada. He has volunteered and contributed actively to many think tank discussions at various provincial and federal level and round table meetings to enhance the understanding and relationship between the two great parliamentary democracies.  He has been instrumental in developing and a current Chair of the “Canada-India Center for Excellence in Science, Technology, Trade and Policy” in Ottawa at the Carleton University.  He has been a Trustee of the Guajarati Cultural Association for the last 7 years in promoting culture and helping the community. He serves on the Board of the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa. The council brought Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in the Nation’s Capital at the Carleton University. He serves on the Board of The Ottawa Hospital Foundation as an active community representative in helping health care institutions. He has been recently nominated to receive “Order of Ontario” award by Carleton University for his pioneering role in the development of the Centre. He has received nomination for the highest Medical Staff Association Professionalism Award for his continued commitment for professionalism and for his exemplary professional attitude. Dr. Merchant has recently been confirmed for the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for outstanding Canadians, which was announced by the Governor General of Canada. The Medal honours exceptional Canadians for their contributions to their fellow citizens, to our communities and to our country.  He has worked tirelessly to serve the Ottawa community by supporting numerous outstanding philanthropic endeavours in the last 20 years.

Dr. Merchant has been elected to the Board for a three-year term, ending on June 30, 2019.

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