Yvonne is completing an Honors degree in Neuroscience and Mental Health with a minor in American Sign Language and Business. With dedication and commitment to empowering others and ensuring a safer community she has embarked on many ventures. Yvonne has recently founded an organization called Empower Many (EM). EM focuses on prevention, mental health aid and resources for survivors of sexual abuse. It has tailored services for marginalized groups that deal with intersectionality, wellness and abuse. Yvonne is also the Founder & Director of Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) Canada. In which, she helps young adults and youth form entrepreneurship ventures, aimed to tackle the United Nations sustainable development goals.

As President and Founder of Terry Fox Club she helped raise over $220,000 for cancer research and continues to volunteer and do outreach in her community. Yvonne’s interests include global and social change, economic advancements in developing nations, mental health awareness and music. On social issue, she advocates for women empowerment, equality and the health and well-being of others, both physically and mentally. She plans on seeking development and change for the enhancement of students at Carleton University.

Yvonne was elected by the undergraduate student body-at-large for a one-year term commencing July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019.

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