Carleton University's 11th Chancellor: Mr. Charles Chi

Carleton University’s 11th Chancellor: Mr. Charles Chi

Mr. Charles Chi officially took over his duties as Carleton’s 11th Chancellor on November 29, 2011. Charles Chi graduated from Carleton University in 1988 in Systems and Computer Engineering.Mr. Chi has had a diverse career in high tech, from operating roles to venture capital investing.

He started his career in Canada with Bell Canada and Unitel in  engineering before assuming roles in marketing. In 1995, Mr. Chi moved to Silicon Valley in California to join communications equipment company Stratacom, subsequently Cisco, after Cisco’s acquisition of Stratacom.Three years later, Mr. Chi co-founded Lightera Networks, an optical switching company. Lightera was acquired by Ciena and he became Ciena’s Vice-President of Marketing. Over a decade later, Ciena continues to ship the Lightera product with the technology originally designed by Lightera.

In 2000, Mr. Chi joined Greylock Partners, one of the original venture capital firms in the United States, Mr. Chi was a partner and board member, investing in early-stage technology startups in a range of industries – from service provider to enterprise through to consumer – engaged in both hardware and software businesses. Mr. Chi’s startups included companies located in the U.S., Israel and Canada, and have been acquired by companies such as Microsoft, Broadcom, Microchip and McData.

Today, Mr. Chi is Executive Chairman of Lytro where he has been actively involved in the company since its initial seed financing. Lytro was established from the founder’s award-winning PhD dissertation in computer science at Stanford University. Lytro is a startup which is developing a new kind of camera that will forever change how consumers take and experience pictures.

He is, ex officio, a member of all Committees of the Board.


Call for Chancellor Nominations

As Chancellor Chi’s term draws to a close in June, a search committee has been established to find a replacement. We are asking for nominations and request that they be submitted by Friday, Dec. 23, 2016 to Ms. Amanda Goth who is secretary to the committee at the following email address:

Nominations should specify the connection to the university and the special merits of the individual proposed.

Please bear in mind that the guidelines state that the candidate must be:

  • a Canadian citizen;
  • a person of national and preferably international stature;
  • a person whose appointment would add to the reputation and enhance the image of the university;
  • a person who has an appreciation of the distinctive role and nature of universities;
  • a person who is available to participate in convocation ceremonies and other ceremonial events;
  • a person of vigour and enthusiasm.

Thank you for your kind attention and your thoughtful suggestions.

Alastair J. S. Summerlee
President and Vice-Chancellor