Nik Nanos

  Constituency: Community
Board Committees:
Community Relations and Advancement  (Vice-Chair)
Mr. Nanos, BA, MBA, CMRP, FMRIA, is a trusted researcher and strategic advisor, who is regularly called upon by senior executives to provide counsel on a wide range of issues including corporate mergers, public advocacy campaigns, reputation management and regulatory issues. Nik Nanos leads Nanos Research, one of Canada’s most distinguished research companies. The Nanos Research Group of Companies includes Signal Leadership Communications, a social public relations firm with images to create, issues to manage, relationships to build and reputations to protect in a digitally disrupted era. It also includes Nanos Rutherford McKay Company which delivers online media training courses, and Nanos-dimap Analytica, an analytics and targeting research practice which is a joint venture with dimap, one of Germany’s top research organizations. He is the Chairman of Nanos Research, a Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC, a research associate professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and Senior Fellow at the University of Ottawa’s Collaboratory on Energy Research and Policy. he has also been elected a Fellow of the MRIA (FMRIA), the highest professional designation in the marketing research industry in Canada. In addition to his weekly Nanos Power Index which charts the strength of the federal political parties, He leads the team behind the weekly Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index, considered a must-have resource for senior executives.  Mr. Nanos is also featured in a weekly segment on CTV, Nanos on the Numbers, which focuses on the latest political, business and social trends. He currently serves on the Editorial Board for the Canadian Journal of Professional Communication at McMaster University. In addition to his experience in research and communications, he is a former president of a leading national government relations firm. The unique combination of advanced research skills, communications expertise, and his knowledge in advancing client interests make Mr. Nanos one of Canada’s leading strategists.  He is the pollster for CTV News, Canada’s largest private broadcaster, the Globe & Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, and Bloomberg News in Canada. He has been re-elected to the Board of Governors for a three-year term ending June 30, 2017.

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