Photo of Art Ullett

Art Ullett

Lead Hand Locksmith, Facilties Management and Planning

I believe that I would be an excellent candidate to be considered as a Administrative Staff Governor because:

Art Ullett is the Lead Hand Locksmith in the Department of Facilities Management & Planning (FMP). He has worked at Carleton University for nearly twenty years. Art is an active participant in the broader Carleton community. He is also the President of CUPE 910, a member of Carleton University’s Workplace Mental Health Advisory Committee and Healthy Workplace Committee. He is also a member on the Carleton University Pension Committee where he represents CUPE 910, CUPE 3778 and OPSEU 404. He is currently a Carleton University Board of Governor and sits on the Building Committee, Governance Committee and is seeking re-election to the Board for another 3 year term.

Art feels that universities, as public institutions, not only serve the greater good of society by training people for jobs, but are also important in their role in research and promoting understanding of our society. Universities also play an important role in setting an example for society in diversity of people and opinions and free expression.

Art believes that non-academic staff who are engaged in the university not only play an important role supporting the teaching and research of the university but have expertise which offers a strong contribution to its governance. Art would welcome the opportunity to serve the Carleton Community on its Board of Governors for another term.

An Ottawa native, Art enjoys his spare time spent at the cottage and the great outdoors.

I have the following skills and experiences which would be beneficial in my role as Administrative Staff Governor:

I am currently serving a 3 year term on the Board of Governors at Carleton. I currently sit on the Building Committee and the Governance Committee. I work in FMP and I am exposed to lots of departments, staff, faculty, and students all of which make up and contribute to our Carleton community. I am a strong leader and an excellent communicator. I believe in Carleton and sit on the Workplace Mental Health Advisory Committee and the Healthy Workplace Committee as well as the Carleton Pension Committee.

If elected to the Board, what would you like to gain from the experience and/or what skills would you like to further develop?:

To gain a greater appreciation and to participate in the governance at Carleton. To be part of the decision making process at Carleton. To further develop my leadership skills as a contributing member of the Carleton University community.