Photo of Nathaniel  Black

Nathaniel Black

Undergraduate Student

Program: Global and International Studies, 2nd Year Standing

Nathaniel Black is a second-year undergraduate student of International & Global studies specializing in Migration & Diaspora studies. Nathaniel was elected to the Board of Governors on a platform of fiscal responsibility with the aim of ensuring student concerns over affordability, accountability and the attainability of achieving higher education are addressed over the course of
his term.

During his term on the Board of Governors, Nathaniel has placed forward a bold agenda of increasing Carleton’s international reputation and student experience. Key points from his February 2020 platform include investments in mental health services, ensuring investments are made in programs aimed at increasing women’s enrollment in S.T.E.M programs, increasing Afro-Caribbean success at Carleton and the divestment of Carleton from investments in fossil fuels.

Nathaniel is originally from Ottawa and cares deeply about how local circumstances effect students. To that end he volunteers regularly at the CUSA Food Centre and is an elected board member of the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard serving 22,000 of the city’s most vulnerable citizens. In addition, Nathaniel advocates for better transportation services for disabled students accessing Carleton’s campus via OCTranspo’s Para Transpo service as the former President of the Carleton Healthy Transportation Coalition.

Since March 2020, Nathaniel has been employed as a Research & Communications Associate at Hill Solutions Public Affairs. There, he directly aids the Managing Partner to build relationships, motivate actions and influence public opinion on behalf of key clients. In this role he strives to make a difference through advancing major philanthropic causes he cares deeply about regarding African sustainable development and women’s empowerment.

Considering COVID-19, Nathaniel dedicates this term to ensuing students are able to continue their studies at Carleton despite the economic difficulty accumulated as a result of the crisis. In times like these he states, “Carleton as an institution must make all possible efforts of financially accommodate existing students and expand well-being services to those who need it.”

Nathaniel was elected to the Board of Governors for a one-year term commencing July 1, 2020 and ending June 30, 2021.


  • Advancement and University Relations

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