President and Vice-Chancellor Reappointment Advisory Committee Composition

Per the reappointment guidelines, the 13-person advisory committee is required to be assembled from members of the Carleton community following the below composition:

  • The Chair of the Board, as chair of the Committee (ex officio)
  • The Vice-Chair of the Board (ex officio);
  • Three community-at-large members of the Board, elected by the Board;
  • One member of the Board, being a representative on the Board of the staff of the University other than the academic or library staff, elected by the Board;
  • Three persons to be elected by Senate from among tenured faculty members (at least one of whom shall hold the rank of Full Professor) and professional librarians;
  • One senior administrator and one Dean to be elected by the Vice- President Academic and Research Committee; and
  • One undergraduate student and one graduate student to be elected by Senate.

President and Vice-Chancellor Reappointment Advisory Committee Membership

The committee has now been assembled.

  • Dan Fortin (Chair) (ex-officio)
  • Greg Farrell (Vice-Chair) (ex-officio)
  • Four Board of Governors members:
    • Debra Alves
    • Jane Taber
    • Patrick Dion
    • Art Ullett (University Staff)
  • Three faculty/librarian members elected by Senate:
    • Kim Hellemans
    • Joshua Greenberg
    • Laura Newton Miller
  • One undergraduate student elected by Senate
    • Lisa Tsintsadze
  • One graduate student elected by Senate
    • Patricia Bérubé
  • Senior Administrator and Dean elected by VPARC
    • Rafik Goubran-Senior Administrator, Vice-President (Research and International)
    • Pauline Rankin, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences