Policy Name: Commercial Activities
Originating/Responsible Department: University Services
Approval Authority: Senior Management Committee
Date of Original Policy: July 1997
Last Updated: October 2008
Mandatory Revision Date: October 2013
Contact: Assistant Vice-President (University Services)

Every commercial activity at Carleton University requires the explicit approval of the Vice-President (Finance and Administration) or designate.  It is imperative that the University retains final responsibility for all commercial activities on campus.

To protect the commercial enterprises owned and operated by Carleton University and other recognized bodies and organizations on campus, and to ensure that proper consideration is given to the application, collection and remittance of sales taxes, to all applicable property taxes, to the observance of health authority regulations, to University policies and to the potential liabilities for the University.


  • The principal focus of any commercial activity is the University community and, as such, it must support academic and student life.
  • The sale of merchandise by approved groups shall occur for a brief specified duration, in a manner that is not in direct commercial competition to University ancillary departments, which have a mandate to generate enough revenue, in order to operate on a break-even basis.
  • Eligible groups are those sponsored by the central management of the University or a University faculty or department and include entities such as Carleton University Students Association, recognized student groups, societies, clubs and teams.
  • Every eligible group will require University approval prior to engaging vendors to sell goods and services or solicit funds for charity.  Requests should be submitted in writing to the Assistant Vice-President (University Services).
  • The physical set-up and displays for raising funds by approved groups, shall occur only in a manner, which maintains the look and image of the University, and be clean, attractive and non-offensive.
  • Requests by private or commercial “for profit” organizations who wish to market, advertise, or sell products and/or services to the campus community may be considered for approval by the University agreeing to certain terms and conditions.
  • Carleton University shall not entertain the marketing, advertising or selling of alcohol, tobacco or credit cards (with the exception of the University Affinity card partner).
  • Commercial activity growth at the University will primarily be through additional and/or new services offered by ancillary departments and/or their contracted service providers.
  • Carleton University will not entertain any request to release its mailing list.
  • This policy applies to all university properties including space or property rented to or licensed to other organizations.


Application Process:

(i) Eligible groups must obtain approval by forwarding requests to the Assistant Vice-President (University Services).  Depending on the nature of the commercial activity, the Assistant Vice-President (University Services) may ask the group or organization to submit the request for approval in writing.

(ii) Requests by private or commercial “for profit” organizations must be submitted in writing to the. Assistant Vice-President (University Services).  If approved, an appropriate fee for services such as space rental, use of the University internal mail system, or other applicable services will be applied by the University.

Assistant Vice-President (University Services)