1. The Dean of Science (as Chair)
  2. The President and the Provost (ex-officio)
  3. All faculty members with rank of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor or Instructor belonging to departments, schools and institutes of the Faculty of Science, excluding the School of Computer Science.
  4. All students who have been elected to governance positions at the departmental level in the academic units specified above.
  5. Representatives of the:
    a) Department of Geography and Environmental Studies,
    b) Department of Psychology,
    c) The School of Computer Science.
  6. Representatives (non-voting) of the following Faculty Boards:
    a) Arts and Social Science
    b) Public Affairs
    c) Sprott School of Business
    d) Engineering and Design


    The quorum of the Science Faculty Board is two members from each Department and School of the Faculty (excluding the School of Computer Science).

    Required Meeting Schedule

    The Science Faculty Board shall meet at least once in the Fall term, and twice in the Winter term. The meetings are usually held prior to the Senate meetings for consideration of candidates for graduation, at the Fall, Winter and Spring graduations.

    Calling a Meeting

    A meeting of the Science Faculty Board shall be held:

    1. at the call of the Chair,
    2. on the request of any constituent departmental or school board or
    3. on the request of at least five members of the Faculty Board.