The conferring of honorary degrees provides the University with an opportunity to convey to the world our values and principles by recognizing the contributions and accomplishments of exceptional individuals. The honorary doctorates conferred at each Convocation also provide our graduating students with exemplary role models and meaningful messages that will carry them into their futures.

For a list of past honorary degree recipients please go to the list of awarded Honorary Degrees.

The Senate Honorary Degrees Committee invites nominations from members of the Carleton University community, including faculty, students, staff, alumni, and Board members, for the awarding of honorary degrees at convocations. The Committee will review each nominee in terms of whether he or she personifies the core values of the relevant Faculty and/or the University, and exemplifies the personal and professional characteristics to which we wish our students to aspire. She or he may be someone who

  • is a scholar of notable significance, pioneering or revolutionizing a field
  • has made a significant contribution to the University
  • has made a significant contribution to the community, nation, or the world, or
  • brings honor to Canada on the world stage.

The committee has unanimously agreed that a standard form be used for submission. Each nomination should be accompanied by a statement (upto 200 words) stating the reasons why the nominee should be honoured by Carleton University. This statement should provide a brief overview of the outstanding contributions this individual has made that have led you to nominate him or her, and why you believe that Carleton in particular should consider conferring an honourary degree on this individual. Providing links to online information, or other attachments that that would help in the Committee’s evaluation would be desirable. The Committee may contact you should it require further information to make an evaluation.

Nominations are submitted to the Committee in strict confidence and should therefore not be discussed with the intended nominee. Nominators are advised to refrain from soliciting letters of support. Serving employees of the University, sitting members of the Board of Governors, and sitting members of legislative bodies, such as Parliament, are not eligible for nomination.

Nominations should be forwarded to:

Kathy McKinley
Secretary to Senate
Room 607, Robertson Hall
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6

Or by e-mail:

Nominations are received all year round. However, they will be reviewed once each semester. Please use the Honorary Degree Nomination Form.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact the committee Chair or Secretary.