Please visit the  Office of Quality Assurance (Academic Programs) website for more information

The university will transition to the new quality assurance process over the next year. Programs currently in the process will continue to their completion under existing protocols.

As a result of the introduction of the Quality Assurance Framework:

  • OCGS will cease appraising graduate programs on June 30, 2011;
  • UPRAC will cease to audit undergraduate program reviews in October 2011;
  • Graduate and undergraduate new program approvals (NPA) and cyclical program reviews (CPR) will become parallel processes:
    • The graduate and undergraduate NPA process will emulate, with modifications, the former OCGS appraisal process;
    • The graduate and undergraduate CPR process will emulate, with modifications, the former UPRAC review process;
    • These processes and their application, as well as the process for the review of major program modifications, will be subject to a periodic external audit process.