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This trip focuses on learning through experiential facilitation. Students with an interest in politics, migration, and the environment should consider this experience.


7:30 am Breakfast in community
8:30 am Permaculture and migration

The group will explore how border structures impact waterways, vegetation and the migration of animals. They will work on a permaculture restoration project.

12:00 pm Lunch at permaculture ranch
1:00 pm Immigration court proceeding

The group will witness an immigration court proceeding involving the deportation of Central American migrants

5:00 pm Dinner in town
6:00 pm Facilitated group reflection
7:00 pm Individual reflection and downtime
10:00 pm Sleep and re-energize for the next day


Students will be housed at a nearby ranch.

*Note: The above is not a final itinerary, activities listed are not guaranteed to occur as described or in the sequence outlined.