collage of students doing work during the 2016 Alternative Spring Break week such as pushing wheelbarrows, and working in gardens.

Aldea Aquil Grande, Guatemala: Food for Thought (February 2020)

An exploration of the intersection between education and nutrition; this Alternative Spring Break Experience brought students to Aldea Aquil Grande, Guatemala. Students explored food security and education policy in rural Guatemala; the students also contributed to the construction of a community kitchen.

Antigua, Guatemala: Social Enterprise in Action (February 2020)

Exploring the emergence of private-sector practices to address social inequality; this Alternative Spring Break experience brought students to Antigua, Guatemala. The students explored how local organizations, entrepreneurs, and women’s cooperatives are reclaiming and rebuilding their communities post the 36-year Guatemalan civil war – through sustainable business practices.

Cerro Azul, Costa Rica: Arts Education and Activism (February 2020)

An exploration of the intersection of the arts, access to education, and human rights; this Alternative Spring Break experience brought students to Cerro Azul, Costa Rica. On this trip, students deepened their knowledge of the right to education in Central America through a comparative lens of indigenous populations in Costa Rica and Canada. The students also participated in construction and artistic projects lead by local community leaders.

Nogales, United States: Social, Political, and Environmental Migration (February 2020)

An exploration of one of the most continuous borders in North America; this Alternative Spring Break experience brought students to the United States communities at the heart of mass migration from Central and South America. The students explored the social impact of human migration on border communities, political influence on immigration, and the environmental impacts of border structures.

San Antonio, Guatemala: Environmental Field School (February 2020)

An exploration of the impacts of climate change, environmental conservation, waste management, and agricultural efficiency; this Alternative Spring Break experience brought students to San Antonio Ilotenango, Guatemala. Students explored the geopolitical nature of climate change and learned the implementation of environmental conservation techniques from local community leaders.