“For a week I was given the opportunity to be immersed in a different culture, practice a new language, be involved in building the foundation to a new high school, and learn about the people who lived in Sosua. My time in the Dominican Republic may have been short but it will truly never be forgotten. The different faces I met and the stories I heard while there will forever stay with me.”

– Kayla, ASB Dominican Republic


“I truly think that our team came away from this CSL experience with a wider perspective on the notion of “impact” on a global scale. To this day I still find it hard accurately explaining the trip, the extraordinary team we had, the incredible leaders and community contacts in Ecuador, and how CSL truly changes one’s life.”

– Krista, ASB Ecuador

Mitch 2

“The ASB trip that I went on complemented my program perfectly. As an environmental studies student, being in Banff and carrying out volunteer work alongside Parks Canada workers was a wonderful experience. It taught me to appreciate the work that is devoted to the environment and conservation. In an area where parks and recreation play a huge role in the culture and values of the people, the ASB program did nothing but enrich that appreciation.”

– Mitch, ASB Banff


“My ASB trip to the Dominican Republic was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I never thought that a group of 20 strangers could become such good friends in such a small amount of time. This experience has allowed me to reflect on aspects of my life and has opened up endless possibilities for me. With the help of fundraising and faculty donations, this trip is completely affordable for any student on a tight budget!”

– Chiara, ASB Dominican Republic


“For Alternative Spring Break I traveled to Los Trozos, Honduras and helped with the construction of a vocational training centre. The experience I received was truly once in a lifetime. I will never forget the people I met and the group I traveled with. I returned to Ottawa with a new take and understanding about life. Because of ASB I am so much more grateful for the things and life I have.”

– Gabrielle, ASB Honduras

Angie final

“My ASB experience exemplified how truly fortunate we are and how we all can make a difference if we are open to learning and embracing our differences.”

– Angie, ASB Ecuador


“ASB has taught me something very personal. I can better reflect on the small impacts, which contribute to the larger ones. You never realize just how much work or passion you must put into something until you see the final results. ASB has made me aware that any contribution, big or small has an impact. You can make these life-changing experiences impact your own life, or apply them globally, within Canada, or here at Carleton.”

– Chris, ASB Guatemala

Khadija 2

“Through ASB I learned about the challenges faced by rural communities in Ecuador that prevent children from accessing education, including a lack of safe, quality classrooms and the inaccessibility and cost of secondary school. Our team assisted an indigenous Amazonian community’s ongoing initiative of constructing school buildings for their community, and participated in many educational activities like visiting a cacao plantation. Although it was only a week long experience, every single part of my ASB experience was meaningful.”

– Khadija, ASB Ecuador

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