“The ASB program has humbled and enriched my worldview… I have made profound connections which have inspired me to find parallels within my own society and challenged me to start conversations.”

– Georgia, ASB Ecuador


“My eyes were opened to many of the issues being faced worldwide; from the impact of plastics on the environment to how most of us take our education for granted. I would recommend anyone, in any program of study, consider Alternative Spring Break. It’s an eye-opening, emotional, and life-changing experience that taught me to treat the earth and others better.”

– Catherine, ASB Nicaragua

Mitch 2

“The ASB trip that I went on complemented my program perfectly. As an environmental studies student, being in Banff and carrying out volunteer work alongside Parks Canada workers was a wonderful experience. It taught me to appreciate the work that is devoted to the environment and conservation. In an area where parks and recreation play a huge role in the culture and values of the people, the ASB program did nothing but enrich that appreciation.”

– Mitch, ASB Banff


“For Alternative Spring Break I traveled to Los Trozos, Honduras and helped with the construction of a vocational training centre. The experience I received was truly once in a lifetime. I will never forget the people I met and the group I traveled with. I returned to Ottawa with a new take and understanding about life. Because of ASB I am so much more grateful for the things and life I have.”

– Gabrielle, ASB Honduras

“For ASB, I travelled to Guatemala to help build a sports court in a local school. What I received from the program was an extensive education… I learnt so much about myself through the reflection activities and this is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. ASB was one of the best decisions I made throughout my undergraduate experience.”

– Kirpa, ASB Guatemala


“My experience with ASB was life-changing. The practice of community-service learning has allowed me to think critically and reflect on development practices from a whole new perspective – very handy in my International Studies degree. Participating in ASB will expand your worldview wider than you could ever imagine

– Andy, ASB Ecuador

Khadija 2

“Through ASB I learned about the challenges faced by rural communities in Ecuador that prevent children from accessing education, including a lack of safe, quality classrooms and the inaccessibility and cost of secondary school. Our team assisted an indigenous Amazonian community’s ongoing initiative of constructing school buildings for their community, and participated in many educational activities like visiting a cacao plantation. Although it was only a week long experience, every single part of my ASB experience was meaningful.”

– Khadija, ASB Ecuador