Learning Outcomes identify the skills and personal growth areas students gain as a result of their extracurricular efforts. The Learning Outcomes developed for Carleton’s CCR focus on the holistic development of our student body.

Carleton’s Co-Curricular Record Learning Outcomes Include:

CCR Learning Outcomes

Able to motivate and inspire group members Develops/implements activities that promote diversity within the Carleton community
Able to write and speak coherently and effectively Employs critical thinking in problem solving
Acknowledges personal strengths and weaknesses Makes the connection between curricular and experiential learning
Acts in leadership capacity Raises awareness and/or knowledge within Carleton University, the city of Ottawa, or broader community
Advocates for issues of concern Reflects on how thoughts, language and actions impact the development of supportive, inclusive communities
Coordinates or delegates tasks to other committee or group members Seeks meaningful feedback from others
Creates an effective web presence, through the creation of websites, and the use of social networks that meets the activity’s goals and requirements Seeks the involvement of others
Delivers presentation or performances Understands own identity and culture
Demonstrates understanding of individual and group dynamics Works cooperatively with others
Develops and implements initiatives for the student body

Selecting Learning Outcomes

Students may select as many Learning Outcomes as are relevant for the activity, and the three (3) most frequent Learning Outcomes will be identified on the student’s Co-Curricular Record.

In order to identify the activity’s Learning Outcomes, students and Validators will be asked to select from a list of learning achievement statements.

Once an activity has been completed and approved, Validators will be able to compare their anticipated learning outcomes with those actually chosen by their students. This will allow for an intentional comparison of expected and actual learning that has taken place.