1. COVID-19 Notice
  2. Criteria of The Volunteer Board
  3. Posting to The Volunteer Board
  4. Need Assistance?

COVID-19 Notice

The Volunteer Board will continue to list volunteer positions with charitable or non-profit organizations in the greater Ottawa area during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organizations interested in posting to the Volunteer Board must outline in their posting, what steps they are taking to adhere to the guidelines established by Ottawa Public Health

Students who choose to apply for, or participating in, a listed volunteer position, are encouraged to consider steps they can take to reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19.

The Volunteer Board is independent of university-sanctioned placement and community-engaged learning programs like Co-op and Campus to Community. The positions on the Volunteer Board are managed exclusively by the charitable or non-profit organizations in the greater Ottawa area that posts them.

Criteria of The Volunteer Board

Please ensure that your volunteer opportunity meets the criteria of the Volunteer Board before you post the position.

1. The organization you are posting from must be one of the following:

  • Registered as either a charity or non-profit organization and is geographically located in the Greater Ottawa Area;
  • A social service organization geographically located in the Greater Ottawa Area;
  • An organization that is hosting a community-centered event geographically located in the Greater Ottawa Area;
  • A Canadian public, municipal, provincial or federal government office or service geographically located in the Greater Ottawa Area; or
  • A Carleton University Faculty, Department, Club, Society, Association, or Service Centre.

2. The volunteer opportunity must meet the following criteria:

  • Opportunities must support the community partner’s delivery of service, address the needs of the Greater Ottawa community, and create a positive impact on the community
  • Opportunities must involve students in projects that provide complementary learning opportunities.
  • Opportunities can be direct-service and/or project based
  • Opportunities must be unpaid

3. The Volunteer Board does not accept the following:

  • Paid positions. Please see myCareer job postings instead
  • Positions that charge a fee to participate
  • Activities that take place in private residence (as per CU Hire’s Terms & Conditions).
  • Positions that do not serve the needs of the Greater Ottawa community
  • Positions that take place outside of the Greater Ottawa Area or are supervised from outside of the Greater Ottawa Area
  • Positions that resemble internships, either paid or unpaid

If your volunteer opportunity meets the above criteria, you may post your position to The Volunteer Board using the following steps.

Posting to The Volunteer Board

Follow these steps to submit a volunteer opportunity to The Volunteer Board. Shortly after you submit the opportunity, it will be reviewed to ensure it meets the criteria of The Volunteer Board. If your volunteer opportunity meets the criteria, it will be posted to The Volunteer Board.

1. Create or login to your employer profile.

Please visit cuhire.carleton.ca. If you are a new employer, select “create account” under the employer tab. You will then be required to complete the registration information. If you have already created an account, or if you are a member of staff or faculty, you can simply click login.


2. Access the volunteer section.

Your next step is to access the volunteer section.

Your login may have directed you to the “Your Account” page. From the “Your Account” page, please click “Volunteer Jobs” on the left-hand side.

Your login may also direct you to the homepage or to another page. Please go to the homepage. You can then select “Volunteer Work” located on the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

3. Add a volunteer opportunity.

You can now submit a volunteer opportunity to The Volunteer Board. Please note that it will not be displayed on The Volunteer Board until it has been approved.

When submitting a volunteer opportunity, you must include the following information:

Position Title: Each activity must have a position title.

Company Information: Please verify company information as it auto populates in the posting. If the information is incorrect you will need to go directly to your profile to make changes. If changes are made directly to the application, the information will not be permanently saved when you click ‘save posting’. If you would like to permanently save the information please return to your account settings.

Job Posting Information: You can choose what information is featured in each posting. Choose between a volunteer or Community Service-Learning position. Volunteering positions are when an individual gives their time and skills to a cause without monetary reimbursement. Community Service-Learning involves not only community service, but it is a process of experiential learning that focuses on service, reflection, and real-world engagement.

In your job posting, you should also include:

  1. The position title
  2. The organization’s location (where it is located within the Ottawa area)
  3. A description of the job position, including a brief overview of your organization, description of position and any qualifications or requirements

Application Information: You should specify how students should apply (via email or website) and include either an email or website link. Please also include a deadline for students to apply, as well as any additional application information.

Company Logo: You may wish to add a company logo if applicable.

4. Save your volunteer posting.

Please ensure you click “save” on your posting. After it is saved, you can logout of CUHire.

Need Assistance?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at cel@carleton.ca.