Community Action Week is a week-long opportunity for students to serve with community partners in the Ottawa community.

What is Community Action Week?

Community Action Week 2017 will take place during winter reading week. It is an immersive opportunity for participants to serve with local community partners and challenge local social issues. Students will serve with three diverse organizations and reflect on the challenges and opportunities in our community.

Why participate in Community Action Week?

There are many benefits to participating in Community Action Week, including:

  • Learning about the city of Ottawa, the broader community, and challenges within our community.
  • The development of skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership, decision-making, critical thinking, reflection and servitude.
  • Understand how thoughts, language and actions affect the development of supportive, inclusive communities.
  • Service with three different community partners focusing on three different social challenges.
  • Community Action Week is recognized by the Co-Curricular Record (CCR).
  • Participants are also recognized as Campus to Community Ambassadors in the Campus to Community Recognition Program.

Joining Community Action Week

Students can apply to participate in Community Action Week as a participant or team leader. Before applying, read the Community Action Week Description. This document breaks down the roles of participants and team leaders, explains the expectations of participating, and provides important date information.