CU 1001 Course Outline

Registration for CU 1001 is now closed and the Fall 2021 courses are now complete.

CU 1001 (CCR credit)

Your Start to Student Life at Carleton

Description: CU 1001 is a free online mini course experience that provides new students with a focused introduction to the Carleton community. This course takes students through 5 success pillars: Academics, Finances, Campus Life, Wellness, and employability.

New this year, we’ve created 5 optional mini-modules,¬†one for each Carleton Faculty: the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Engineering and Design, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Public Affairs, and the Sprott School of Business! While the faculty modules are optional to complete, it’s highly recommended that students check out their respective faculty module as it provides a more in-depth understanding of the faculty, including what students can expect and what is expected of the student, the specific services and resources offered, and how to get involved within the faculty!

In addition to the asynchronous modules, CU 1001 offers 4 Ravens Talks a week throughout the summer, which are live sessions facilitated through Zoom. There are 4 types of Ravens Talks, Student life – where the CU1001 course content is reviewed along with a Ravens Q&A; Residence Life – where the Student Residence team talks through what to expect on residence and the services they offer; Spotlight sessions – where various campus stakeholders discuss their departments, the services offered to students, and how to get involved; And Student Registration Assistance – where students can drop in and ask specific questions regarding their academic course registration.

Prerequisite(s): Accepted Admission into Carleton University for Fall 2021.

Length: Roughly 2 – 3 hours. CU 1001 can be completed bit by bit or all at once, whichever is prefered!

Courses ran from July 5, 2021 to September 30, 2021.


Registration for CU 1001 is now closed and the Fall 2021 courses are now complete.