students registering for orientation outsideThe International Student Services Office (ISSO) hosts two orientation sessions. Please see below if this orientation program is for you. Students are able to attend both their International Student or Exchange Orientation as well as the week-long Fall Orientation program.

International Student Orientation

This is a full day event for all first-year international students, including Canadians returning to Canada for university. The focus of this program is to welcome you to Carleton University and introduce you to university life in Canada.

All new international students and their parent(s) and/or guardians(s) are welcome. Registration is free and is required to attend. The orientation session typically takes place at the end of August

Exchange Student Orientation

The Exchange and Study Abroad Student Orientation focuses on supporting your academic and social transition to student life at Carleton. In recognizing the specific needs of students here for a semester or two,  you will be introduced to Carleton’s campus life and Canada’s academic culture. You will also have the opportunity to meet other exchange and Canadian students, as well as faculty and support staff that will be available to support you throughout your studies at Carleton.

Participation is mandatory for all exchange students that will be studying at Carleton for a semester or a year. Registration is free and is required to attend. Exchange Student Orientation typically takes place at the end of August. If your first semester is in the winter (studies beginning in January) please see the ISSO’s Winter Orientation program.

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