Please review in full before applying.

The Student Emergency Fund (SEF) is designed to provide emergency financial assistance to Carleton University students experiencing short term financial hardship. The funding is meant to cover an unforeseeable financial crisis that may impact  the physiological and/or safety needs of a student. For example, events like fires, floods, theft, fleeing domestic abuse, or unexpected prescription medications are some areas that may support an application. The fund does not replace the losses experienced but provides a monetary relief to address basic needs that may be in immediate need. Please note that the fund does not cover expenses relating to travel, rent, student fees, debts, anticipated future financial hardship, or costs that are related to being an academic student.

It is encouraged that all Carleton students, domestic and international, who are considering applying to the SEF, verify their eligibility for government financial assistance. Not only does the assistance provided through government programs far exceed the capacity of the SEF, the operational capacity of government departments and agencies allows for expedite access to financial assistance through direct deposit (1-3 days for government funds vs 10 days for SEF funds).

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