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What is CEL? Community Engaged Learning (CEL) is a method of experiential learning that emphasizes action, reflection and real-world engagement. It allows individuals to participate in hands-on experiences while gaining critical thinking, problem-solving and reflection skills by creating mutually beneficial relationships between individuals and communities.

CEL Updates

Centre for Community Engagement

Earlier this fall, Carleton has launched the Centre for Community Engagement which will provide support to the community engagement priority that was outlined in The Strategic Integrated Plan. According to the website, the centre “will lead the development of Carleton’s first community engagement strategy and of the corresponding support systems required for implementation.” The SP4CE Task Force has been created to lead the development of this Strategic Plan and has begun consultation with the Carleton community. Students, staff and faculty who are interested in participating in the consultation process are encouraged to visit their website or contact communityengagement@carleton.ca

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Humans of CEL

Featuring Hafsa Omar

The Community Partnership Program was an incredible opportunity for me to learn exactly what community-engaged learning entails and how to work alongside a non-profit organization. Before this program, my experiences with non-profit organizations were based on “charity”, where we would volunteer to help an organization in need. However, with the CPP, I was able to work with the organization in solidarity, forming a reciprocal and collaborative relationship. Presenting our work to the organization as a team by bringing all our skill sets together was one of my favourite moments during the program; we were finally able to see our hard work come together.

By working alongside other students and a non-profit organization, I was able to learn about the collaboration and effort that goes into projects outside of the university. In the workforce and our everyday lives, we have to learn how to set clear goals, encourage discussion, collaborate and much more. The CPP, I believe, has helped me take that first step into the real, collaborative world.

Partnership Spotlight

Bruse House

Thank you so much, Alvis and Lingxin for supporting Bruce House and people living and affected by HIV in Ottawa. Your thoughtful assistance in the Taste for Life media promotion project will help engage and raise awareness of our much-needed fundraiser on April 27, 2022.


Message from the CPP Team

The Community Partnership Project had another successful year in partnering with six community organizations to provide students with project management, skill development and community-engaged learning experience. Participants completed 8 modules throughout the program, culminating with a capstone project led by Canadian organizations. Participants worked tirelessly throughout the program and demonstrated strong learning reflections after each module. A HUGE thank you goes out to all the participants and team leaders for all their hard work and dedication to the program, and to our community organizations for supporting this experiential learning opportunity for our students.

Community Engagement Volunteer Opportunities

Off-Campus Volunteer Opportunities 

Job Opportunities

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