Carleton University Web Scheduler 2015

Carleton University Web Scheduler 2015 is the tool provided to departmental staff to administer space. It replaces Enterprise Desktop Client 2012.

In this section, we present a series of instructional how-to guides and accompanying videos.

Guide to Web Scheduler 2015

This document is intended to be a reference guide for staff who are delegated to a scheduling role, and who will receive and process student / faculty / staff room requests.

The following table clarifies the different scheduling interfaces currently in use.

Portal 2015: Interface for Requesting Space

Web Scheduler 2015: Tool for Managing Space

Web Scheduler 2015 Printable Guide and Reference Material

To download the printable guide and to access the instructional videos, please log in to the new internal employee site.

Think Outside the Box. Carleton University + Enterprise = Innovation

Presentation by Jamie J. Carmichael, Associate Registrar

Scheduling and Examination Services,

McIntyre Exam Centre

Note: Enterprise Desktop Client 2012 is a Depreciated tool for managing space that is being phased out. Only SES, Conference Services, and Student Affairs will use Enterprise Desktop Client 2015. This tool is limited as it only works on Windows Desktop computers on the CUNET Domain.