General Information

Coordinated Timetabling uses a software program with sophisticated algorithms to process information on course, instructor, and room constraints as well as special additional considerations to construct Carleton’s Fall/Winter class timetables, assigning time and class room space to each course section.

Coordinated Timetabling allows us to better manage our complex scheduling requirements.  Our goal is to use our facility in the best possible way by using the full teaching week thereby optimizing space and time. By building timetables annually we are able to:

  • Improve the match between available classroom/lab space, course size and   preferred teaching space.
  • Reduce the need for iterative schedule changes.
  • Accommodate instructor requirements for teaching needs while providing a flexible/balanced schedule for students.

The annual timetable is based upon the academic programming requirements of students. We are able to provide better access to courses for our students through this approach. This is also true for patterns of courses that cut across several departments or more than one faculty.

Public Class Schedule

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