Useful Information for Course Instructors

Scheduling and Exam Services facilitates tests and exams for Paul Menton Centre students in the McIntyre Exam Centre (MEC). We provide your students with a quiet, confidential and stress-free environment to write their course tests/exams. Instructors can request reservation access to MEC services for any in-class test/exam through an online form available in Carleton Central under the Faculty Services tab.

Information on this page:

The Booking Form
Dropping off a Test/Exam
MEC Delivery Services
requently asked Questions (FAQ)

The Booking Form:

  • Instructors must provide contact and course information details, the planned date, time and duration of in-class tests/exams (please do not calculate extra time for pathallthumbstudents requiring this accommodation, MEC will do this for you)
  • MEC will not process booking requests for in-class tests/quizzes that are less than 30 minutes in duration. 
  • MEC will be able to determine which students in any given course qualify for accommodation service in the Exam Centre, based on their registration status with PMC.
  • Please ensure the form is completed in its entirety or it may not be sent to MEC staff
  • Requests must be received at least two (2) weeks in advance of the test/exam date. Instructors may also choose to accommodate students themselves.
  • Instructors are reminded that, under Article 2.4 of the Academic Regulations, November 24, 2017 is the last day for summative tests or final examinations or formative tests or examations totalling more than 15% of the final grade before the official examination period . 
  • Reservation confirmations are sent to each student and instructor via email approximately 1 week prior to the test date.

Dropping off the test or exam:

  • Instructors are required to fill out a form listing all pertinent information for the exam, including contact details. You can find an online copy of the form here
  • Instructors are required to prepare the same examination materials for students seated in the McIntyre Exam Centre as for students writing in-class.
  • Sufficient copies of the test/exam, booklets and scantron sheets must be delivered to the Exam Centre in UC 133 during operational hours three (3) business days in advance of the test.
  • Attendance is noted for each student with a reservation in the McIntyre Exam Centre, and this information is reported back to the course Instructor at the conclusion of the test or exam
  • Stay tunned – MEC is launching a secure upload service after the beta testing is completed in Fall of 2017, Further communication will come upon release.

MEC Delivery Service

Fall/Winter term: Completed exams are delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings; with the exception of the weeks leading in and out of reading week. We will provide full delivery services during this peak period. NOTE: Delivery will begin the fourth (4th) Monday of September and January. Any papers not picked up by the first Monday of delivery will be sent out.

Summer term: Completed exams are delivered on Thursday only. NOTE: Delivery will begin the second (2nd) Thursday of May and July.

A course instructor still has the option of exam pickup from our main office in UC 133. Please contact us, or advise us when delivering your exam, if you wish to pickup your exams from MEC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve created a dedicated page for instructors with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.