Staff and FacultyThe School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies has a lot to celebrate this year. The School’s 60th anniversary happened to coincide with Carleton’s 75th, as well as the launch of its new Combined Honours degree in Indigenous Studies and its recent name change. What better way to mark all of these occasions than inviting back our alumni, former faculty members, staff, and current students for an informal celebration on campus at Richcraft Hall. The snow falling over the Rideau River, the ambient musical stylings of pianist John Dapaah, and a selection of delicious food all made this a memorable evening.


We heard speeches from alumni (Kahentinetha Horn, Victoria Angel, Jeff Ruhl, Charlotte Hoelke), former faculty (François Rocher), and the President of Carleton University (Roseann O’Reilly Runte). It was especially meaningful to catch up with former students (some of our guests attended Carleton as far back as the 1960s) and to see the new generation of Indigenous and Canadian Studies students (several of whom volunteered their time for the evening) make connections with the School’s ever-growing network. Thanks so much to Donna Malone for her tireless work in making the 60th anniversary celebration such a great success.  Looking forward to the 70th!

Peter Thompson, Acting Director

People dancing

My favourite part of the event was the incredibly positive energy in the room — all the students from undergrad to PhDs — buzzing around and chatting and eating the outrageously delicious food. I especially adored the undergrad students who crowded into the edges of the formal photos of the graduate students — and called out “We are the NEXT generation”!!

Eva Mackey, Graduate Supervisor


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