Here is a sampling of the Graduate and 4th year courses we’re offering this year.


NEW  > Fall 2018 > Course Abroad!
This NEW Graduate course CDNS 5003 C, cross-listed with ICSLAC (CLMD 6106 F) and Architecture (ARCU 5402 F), aims to juxtapose experiences of urban space devoted to recording and performing public memory. For complete details, and information on how to apply, follow CDNS 5003 C-CLMD 6106 F- ARCU 5402 F Fall 2018

CDNS 5001 > Fall 2018 > MA Core Seminar: Conceptualizing Canada.  This seminar provides an introduction to graduate work in the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies. Follow CDNS 5001 Fall 2018

CDNS 5101 > Fall 2018 > Indigenous Peoples, Canada and the North. Grounded in the significance of Indigenous oral tradition and the sanctity of the word, this course puts emphasis on the importance of Indigenous voices, foregrounding personal cultural narratives – spoken, written and captured on film – that often struggle to be heard within the larger Canadian community. Follow CDNS 5101 – 2018

CDNS 5301 > Fall 2018 > Canadian Cultural Studies. In this course, students will read the “classic” Canadian theories of technology and empire and critically assess their ongoing relevance in light of new theories and new technological and artistic practices. Follow CDNS 5301 Fall 2018

CDNS 5501 > Winter 2019 > Decolonizing Canada: Spaces, Discourses, Practices. In this interdisciplinary graduate seminar, we explore the possibilities and limitations of the concept of “decolonization” in the nation-state now known as Canada. Follow CDNS 5501 – Winter 2019

CDNS 5402 >Fall 2018 > Heritage Conservation II: Theory in Practice: This graduate seminar will introduce you to diverse contexts of heritage conservation practice, with an emphasis on the evolving values of places, and the ethical questions to consider in the protection and regeneration of natural/cultural heritage. Literature examined will address key considerations such as critical heritage studies, modern urban heritage and the post-industrial landscape. Follow CDNS 5402 – Fall 2018

**Students – take note: CDNS 5401 and CDNS 5402 are seen as complementary courses originally designed to be taken sequentially. Exceptionally, in the 2018-19 academic year, CDNS 5402 will be offered first (in the fall 2018 term) and CDNS 5401 will be offered in the second (in the winter 2019 term). Students pursuing the Heritage Conservation stream in the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies, or the Graduate Diploma in Architectural Conservation, and beginning their program in September 2018, are expected to take both courses in the first year of their studies, and in the order offered. The course syllabi are being adjusted to reflect the new course order.

4th YEAR:

CDNS 4300 > Fall 2018 > Communities in Canada. This course will experiment with collaborative research, community-engaged pedagogy and digital humanities scholarship. It is being offered in conjunction with a complimentary project undertaken by the students in a graduate Public History course taught by Professor John Walsh. Follow CDNS 4300 Fall 2018

CDNS 4400 > Winter 2019 > Cultural Landscapes & Cultural Identity in Canada. How do people inhabit, transform and relate to the land over time? Students in this advanced seminar will study the histories and meanings of physical and conceptual landscapes. Follow CDNS 4400 W 2019

CDNS 4500 R > Winter 2019 > Canada and the World. Students will explore Canada’s role in the world, analyze its priorities for acting in the world, and reflect on how Canada should act in the world. Follow CDNS 4500 R Winter 2019

INDG 4011 >  Winter 2019 > Indigenous Representations. The course focus is on Canadian Indigenous Self-Representation in Film, Video and New Media. Follow INDG 4011

FREN 4215/5700 > Winter 2019> Dans ce cours, nous étudierons des oeuvres contemporaines qui remettent en question l’appartenance à une nation unique ou à une culture monolithique et dans lesquelles se tissent plusieurs fils tirés de différentes traditions culturelles. Follow FREN 4215 – Winter 2019

MUSI 4104/5016 > Fall 2018 > This music course, taught by Anna Hoefnagels, has content that will be of interest to SICS student.
Follow MUSI 4104 Fall 2018

MUSI 4103 > Winter 2019 > This music course, taught by Anna Hoefnagels, has content that will be of interest to SICS student.
Follow MUSI 4103