Early Summer : May 6 – June 18        Tuesday & Thursday 1805-2055

CDNS 2600 Branding Canada:

This interdisciplinary course examines a wide range of material to explore the theoretical connections between the creation of national identity, state branding strategies, and the implications for democracy in Canada. In particular, it examines the phenomenon of branding and how it has been used by Canadian governments, parties and politicians to advance their interests. Course material is drawn from disciplines such as political science, history, cultural studies, communications, sociology, public policy studies, and business.
Lively class discussion is an important component of the course, as we examine together numerous examples of branding campaigns.

Late Summer: July 2 – August 14         Tuesday & Thursday 1805 – 2055

CDNS 2210: Introduction to the Study of Canadian Culture:

This course introduces students to key concepts in cultural studies, Canadian Studies and interdisciplinary research in the humanities. It focuses on the development of Canadian national culture over time and the way in which it is created and contested by cultural production. Since the state plays such an integral role in Canada’s cultural industries, the relationship between nationalism, political engagement, and artistic expression is a very important topic within Canadian Studies. We consider many specific examples of cultural production, from literature, film, art, and music, and engage in animated class discussions relating to these examples.