We would like to thank all those who entered our Essay Contest. We received an overwhelming number of entries!

Here are the winners from our inaugural 2019 Contest:

First Place went to Kaitlynn Lewis who wrote an insightful essay on Canadians’ self-perception entitled “Out, damned spot!”

Kaitlynn Lewis is a grade 12 student with a passion for writing. This love ranges from formal essays to creative works of fiction, having entered many short story contests during her high school career. An interest in politics, human rights, and history has led to both a school and self-led study in these topics. Next year, Kaitlynn plans on attending University for a degree in Media Studies and hopes to get a career in Media Business, working for Netflix, TIFF, or the Stratford Festival. This young writer is also working on a novel that she hopes to publish someday.

Second Place prize went to Catey Fifield who wrote about The Next Seven Days in My Life and Their Impact on the Next Seven Generations.

Catey Fifield is a Grade 12 student at Maxwell Heights Secondary School in Oshawa, ON. When not studying, she can be found in ballet class, folding jeans at Old Navy, writing in her journal, or reading a really great book. She is hoping to study history and political science at university.

Third Place prize went to Yusra Kureshi whose essay, entitled “The Canadian Condition”, spoke of hope for pluralism in Canada.

Yusra Kureshi is in her last year of high school and aspires to be a conscious and growing mind in today’s world. She hopes to pursue a career in the sciences and continue to recognize the faults and distinctions in our current society, as she believes that staying aware of what is going on in our country allows us to take necessary action to make the world a better place. As an adult, she hopes her actions and sentiments can impact society in a positive way. In a similar fashion, she knows this mindset can also allow Canada to grow into a future we believe in.