Why Canadian Studies?

Canadian Studies is an interdisciplinary field, attracting students from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds. It is exciting and innovative, with a critical perspective on Canadian policy, culture, and social values in a rapidly changing pluralistic society. Our faculty engage in research and teaching across a number of thematic areas including Heritage Conservation; Culture, Memory, and Place; Nation-building, Nationalisms, and Nation-branding; Indigenous Studies; Social Justice: Voice, Power, and Policy; Critical Settler Studies; Gender and Sexualities; and Identity, Representation, and Performance. In the emerging global economy, the development of Canada-centred knowledge has become even more relevant and in demand. What better place to study Canada than in Ottawa?

To see a list of all graduate courses offered through the School, follow this link.

Canadian Studies Graduate Calendar

Admission Requirements:

Applicants for the Master’s program must normally hold an Honours B.A. (or the equivalent), with at least high honours standing, in one of the disciplines represented in the School. Applicants with a general (pass) Bachelor’s degree with honours standing will be required to complete successfully a qualifying year of full-time study, before proceeding to the Master’s program.

Program Requirements:

All students in the program are required to complete the interdisciplinary seminar, CDNS 5001, Concepts of Canada. Students can choose their remaining courses from among the graduate courses offered at Carleton University (or at University of Ottawa) including directed studies. These directed studies courses enable students to pursue their particular interests in areas not covered by formal lectures or seminars, under the supervision of a specialist in the field. One course at the fourth year undergraduate level may be included in lieu of a graduate course. As well, students may include up to one full credit of practicum work, based on a work/study placement with an organization in the Ottawa area.

The School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies places particular emphasis on original research by students, and a limited number of grants are available to support especially promising proposals for thesis research. Grants may also be made to support travel costs and other expenses for students carrying out field research. Students may also be eligible for employment as teaching or research assistants.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants normally must hold an Honours B.A. (or the equivalent), with at least high honours standing, in one of the disciplines represented in the School. Applicants wishing to be considered for financial assistance from Carleton University are advised to submit completed applications to the School by February 1, since enrolment in the School is limited.

Digital Humanities

Canadian Studies, in conjunction with a new collaborating MA in Digital Humanities, offers a program designed to add value to the existing MA in Canadian Studies by offering courses focused on the rapidly growing field of digital humanities.  Applicants must already be enrolled in the MA in Canadian Studies and, upon completion of their degree, they will obtain an MA in Canadian Studies with a designated concentration in Digital Humanities. For more information, go to Digital Humanities.