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Barbara Clarke, 2009. “Tourism Murals and the Post-Industrial Economy:  Off the Wall Articulations of the Local, National and Global in Pembroke’s Millennium Mural”

Research Paper. Supervisor:  Peter Hodgins

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Amanda Murphy, 2010.  “A Brand New, Thrilling, Chilling Adventure!”  A Case Study of Heroism, Villainy, and “The North” in Nelvana of the Northern Lights in the Strange Frozen World of Glacia.    Research Essay.  Supervisor:  Andre Loiselle.  Readers Paul Litt, Ummni Khan.

Sheila Grantham, 2010. “Surviving Through the Sixties Scoop:  Documenting the Lived Experiences of Indigenous Peoples Affected by the Child Welfare System” .  Thesis.   Supervisor:  Adje Van De Sande, Pauline Rankin, examiners—Kate Higginson, Allan Ryan.

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Catherine Rossiter, 2011.  Running Head:  FOCUS ON CULTURAL HERITAGE.  Focus on Cultural Toursim:  A direction for policy development in Canada.  Supervisor: Paul Litt.  Examiners:  Richard Nimijean, Leighann Neilson.  Research Paper.

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Shari Rutherford, 2014. :   “The older the tree, the sweeter the sap”  An Exploration of Culinary Heritage Conservation through Maple Products in Canada.  Research paper.  Supervisor:  Peter Hodgins.

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Ian Mortimer, 2014. The Hybrid Monumental Symbols of Canada’s Warrior Nation Moment. Thesis. Supervisor:  Peter Hodgins

Sarah Baker, 2014. “Real, Truth, Seen”:  Exploring Gender in Homelessness Discourse through Wood Green  Community Services’ Homeward Bound Campaign.  Research Essay.  Supervisor:  Eva Mackey. 


Emma Gooch, 2015.  Our Story Within: Mapping “Home” in Jane Urquhart’s Sanctuary Line and A Map of Glass. Research paper.    Supervisor:  Eva Mackey.

 Lewis Barnaby, 2015. Gesgulg:  Indigeous Cultural Expressions of Resistance and Decolonization in Heavy Metal Music.  MRP.  Supervisor:  Jennifer Adese.

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Cassandra Joyce, 2015. Owning the Podium:  the competing priorities of participation and excellence in Canadian federal sport policy.  MRP.  Supervisor:  Paul Litt.

Stephanie Elliott, 2015.  In the (Historical) Moment:  Applying Theme Park Interactive Techniques in History Museums.  MRP.  Supervisor:  Susan Ross.

Stephanie Kloibhofer, 2015.  Questioning Canada – Camera-based Critique of Canadian Identity and Culture.  MRP.  Supervisor:  André Loiselle.

Paula Chinkiwsky, 2015. Re-storying Canada’s Indigenous History Through Digital Storytelling.  MRP.  Supervisor:  David Dean.

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Dustin Schultz, 2015. Ontario’s Far North Act (2010), Land Use Plans, and the Reproduction of Settler-Colonial Relationships in Northern Ontario.  MRP.  Supervisor:  Eva Mackey.