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The School’s Interdisciplinary Studies Librarian for Indigenous and Canadian Studies is Martha Attridge-Bufton

Check out Martha’s Blog: Blog: Talk out loud 

Explore available study spaces in the Library:  Graduate Study Spaces    AND     Group Study Rooms

2022-23 Grad Student Handbook  Use this Handbook as your first resource for questions about your program.

SICS Viewbook page 2022-23

  • Recent Thesis Titles: follow this link to view recent thesis and MRP titles

The following table provides our MA and PhD Program Guidelines and related forms. We have also provided a link to the Faculty of Graduate and Post Doctoral Affairs (FGPA)’s website.

Created Title Type/Size
Faculty of Graduate and Post Doctoral Affairs Forms & Policies PDF
Oct 2022 Graduate Directed Study  PDF
Aug 2022 PhD Program Guidelines PDF
Mar 2020 PhD-Report-Progress-Chart PDF
Nov 2016 PhD Comp sign up PDF
Jul 2017 MA-supervisory-report-formrevised-Jul2017 PDF
MA Program Guidelines PDF
Jan 2020 CDNS 5800-5801 Practicum Guidelines 2022

CDNS 5800-5801 Practicum Contract 2020

Oct 2022 CDNS 5908-5909 MA MRP Thesis Program Option Request Form PDF
Oct 2022 CDNS 5909 MA Thesis Proposal Approval Form PDF
Apr 2018 Ph.D. Proposal form PDF – 15kb
Application to Graduate – apply online through Carleton Central Website
Change of Program Element- apply online through Carleton Central Website
Nov 2021 Research Proposal Guidelines

The Indigenous and Canadian Studies Grad Community (ICGC) is a grad student organization in the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies which represents graduate students to the department and at the Carleton Graduate Students’ Association. The ICGC plans events, hosts workshops, and advocates for students. Elections for the executive council are held every September.

If you are interested in getting involved please email or find us on Facebook at Details for our events can be found on the SICS Event Calendars on this page and are circulated via email to all graduate students.

Graduate Professional Development

As a graduate student at Carleton, you have access to a variety of professional development resources. These include skill workshops, one-on-one career and writing consultations, career-oriented events, and even structured programs. Challenge yourself by acquiring new skills that can help you boost your employability. To learn more, visit the Graduate Professional Development website at

Sept 2021: The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGPA) recently released a new document entitled TRAJECTORIES: A Professional Development Program for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellow

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