The School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies is fortunate to work with excellent Contract Instructors.

Fall 2022 and Winter 2023

Contract Instructor Courses Email
Brittney Bos CDNS 3700 Brittney Bos
Alana Butsuie INDG 2015 Alana Bitsuie
Mark Currie CDNS 4011 Mark Currie
Jolene Dione FYSM 1450 Jolene Dione
William Felepchuk INDG 1011 William Felepchuk
Rita Forte CDNS 3020 Rita Forte
Hilary Grant CDNS 5401 Hilary Grant
Robyn Green FYSM 1409 Robyn Green
Anna Hoque INDG 2020 Anna Hoque
Sabre Lee INDG 3001 Sabre Lee
Mikayla Sherry CDNS 3570 Mikayla Sherry
Heather Thomson CDNS 4403/5403 Heather Thomson