Veldon Coburn


Degrees:PhD - expected Fall 2018 (Queen's); MA (Regina); H.BA (Lakehead)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2538


Veldon Coburn is Anishinaabe, an Algonquin from Pikwàkanagàn.  Born and raised on his unceded Indigenous territory, Veldon returns to his ancestral territory to teach Indigenous Studies.  Veldon arrived at Carleton after teaching at McGill University, graduate studies in political science at Queen’s and Regina, and undergraduate degrees in both economics and political science at Lakehead. In addition to his academic pursuits, Veldon has over a decade of professional experience in program and strategic Indigenous policy with the Government of Canada.

Research Interests

  • Indigenous politics and policy.
  • Decolonization and resistance politics.
  • Political theory (especially postmodern thought and poststructuralism).
  • Critical race, cultural theory, and identity.

2018 – 19 Courses

INDG 1010: Introduction to Indigenous Peoplehood Studies

INDG 2015: Indigenous Ecological Ways of Knowing

INDG 2011: Contemporary Indigenous Studies

INDG 2020: Decolonizing Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

INDG 3001: Indigenous Governance

Recent Publications

Veldon Coburn. 2018. Splitting INAC: Coercive Fiscal Federalism in the Disguise of ‘Reconciliation.’ Yellowhead Institute, Policy Briefs (Issue 03, June 28, 2018).

Veldon Coburn. 2018. “Why there are so few Indigenous graduates at convocation.” The Conversation, May 31, 2018.

Veldon Coburn and Devin Zane Shaw. 2018. “The real “justice” denied to Boushie.” Policy Options, February 15, 2018.

Veldon Coburn. 2018. “Reconciliation can’t happen without truth. So why do some suppress it?” Maclean’s, January 23, 2018.

Veldon Coburn and Devin Zane Shaw. 2017. The Colonial Politics of Recognition in Trudeau’s Relationship with Indigenous Nations. E-International Relations (September 7, 2017).

Veldon Coburn. 2017. “The Dismantling of INAC.” Policy Options, September 6, 2017.

Veldon Coburn. 2017. “Indigenous People and the Constitution Conversation.” Policy Options, June 9, 2017.

Veldon Coburn. 2011. Multiculturalism Policy Index: Indigenous peoples. Kingston: Queen’s University School of Policy Studies.

Veldon Coburn. 2011. Human rights, the discourse of equality, and aboriginal peoples on the prairies. Prairie Forum 36 (2): 79-103.