Carleton’s School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies offers undergraduate, M.A., and Ph.D. programs. At all levels, our students receive an interdisciplinary, critical education, drawing on the diverse strengths of our eclectic, friendly faculty. We are passionate about what we do, and about helping to prepare students to make their mark in a wide range of careers.  Our students often end up working in the public service, education, museums, and journalism. Our graduate degrees include a healthy mix of young students and mid-career professionals, drawn by the opportunity to dig into the issues that they care about, using methods that make a difference.

Opting for CDNS means joining a school where you learn about Canada in new and innovative ways. You can study any aspect of society that interests you at any point in time and from various perspectives. This is what drew me to it: the fact that I could explore contemporary Canadian (im)migration and integration issues, for example, through different viewpoints — those of immigrants themselves, the lens of policy and politics, or the optic of international players. I have been able to think of Canada as an outsider, as an insider, and, more importantly, as a global citizen. Connecting matters nationally and internationally and seeing thus the ‘big picture’ has made me feel quite privileged among knowledge seekers.
-Mihaela Vieru, Contract Instructor in Canadian Studies