Welcome to the Undergraduate Programs offered in the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies at Carleton University! Please feel free to explore our web site to get a sense of who we are and what we do.

Enroll in a Minor in Canadian Studies or Indigenous Studies; a BA in Canadian Studies; a BA Honours or combined Honours degree in Canadian Studies (where you can combine 6.0 credits in Canadian Studies with credits from any other discipline that offers a combined Honours degree). Or choose a Minor or Combined Honours in Indigenous Studies.

We offer a broad selection of interdisciplinary courses in Canadian and Indigenous Studies. Take them as stimulating and exciting electives or combine these courses with others, leading to a number of program options:

You may also qualify for a Mention: Français notation on your records if you meet the specific requirements. If you are studying in another discipline but have a strong interest in Canadian issues, look over our courses and think about adding a Minor in Canadian Studies or in Indigenous Studies to your program!

In any program that you choose, there are a number Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies courses offered directly in the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies. In addition to your core courses, you’ll have the freedom to choose courses from a range of other disciplines. Develop a unique program of study based on your particular interests!