2019 “What Shadows We Are, and What Shadows We Pursue”:  A Study of Edmund Burke’s Influence on Canadian Political Culture
2018 “I’m a Mountain Biking Vampire Witch From the Future!”:  Queer Decolonial Killjoys in Queer Studies and Politics
2017 An Archive of Settler Belonging:  Local Feeling, Land, and the Forest Resource on Vancouver Island
2016 Football, Nationalism, and Protectionism:  The Federal Defence of the CFL
MA 2019 Reclaiming the Rapids: Evaluating the Reconciliatory and Decolonial Potential of Private Land Return (Thesis)
From Research “on” to Research “With”: A Historical Overview of Ethics Guidelines for Research with Indigenous Peoples (MRP)
Ngij and The Chenoo:  Storying Disenfranchisement in the Indian Act  (MRP)
2018 The Potential for Harm Reduction as a Strategy to Combat the HIV Crisis Affecting First Nations on Reserves in Saskatchewan  (MRP)
Digital Technology in Indigenous Culture (MRP)
Podcasts as Pedagogy: Irreconcilable Indigeneity and Conciliation through Digital Spaces (MRP)
I am Canadian, I am Colonial:  Settler Moves to Complicity’  (MRP)
Sites of Grave Meaning:  the Heritage of Human Remains on the Rideau Canal  (Thesis)
ON SITE’: A heritage approach to working with and working through the demolition/deconstruction site:  The case of Honest Ed’s/Mirvish Village”