General Readings and References

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The following is a compendium of key references in the heritage conservation field, with a particular focus on its development and evolution in Canada. The references may be understood to constitute the core elements of a professional’s heritage conservation library. Every working professional in this field should be familiar with most or all these sources at some level.

This list as also used as the base for constructing reading lists for courses in the heritage conservation programme in the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies.

Any prospective student thinking about entering the heritage conservation programme of instruction at the Carleton School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies will find this list useful for consultation; equally all those working within the programme and the field will find it of great benefit.

This list is never complete, and never a perfect reflection of changing circumstances and needs in the field, and undoubtedly also reflects the author’s personal biases and limitations. However, it is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to achieve the best balance possible for current and incoming students.

Current version: July 2010, Herb Stovel.

Key references among those entered on the list, are shown in bold.