Carleton’s Canadian Studies graduates pursue an extraordinary variety of professions and are leaving a lasting legacy in boardrooms, heritage sites, newsrooms, museums, embassies, legislative chambers, galleries, and universities around the world.

See what our alumni are saying….

Daniel Olson

MA CDNS 1977

After serving as a teacher in the US Peace Corps in the West African Country of Cote d’Ivoire, I found Carleton to have been a great place to study. The Professors were some of the best in the world and the experience was excellent. Taking classes in both French and English was a real draw for me.

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Emily-Jane (Hills) Orford

MA CDNS 1996

Emily-JaneThe Canadian Studies program opened my eyes to the myriad of fascinating Canadian stories which need to be shared, written, appreciated and this is what I’ve done with my multiple books and through online and print publications.

Jessica Helps

MA CDNS 2014

JessicaHelps_2I enjoyed my experience in the department and program. I liked being in an interdisciplinary program because my academic interests are diverse and inter-sectional.

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Christine Kelly

PhD CDNS 2012

Christine KellyPursuing an interdisciplinary graduate education can be intellectually stimulating as well as challenging as you learn across backgrounds and terminologies that often compete. Canadian Studies provides an important arena to have these discussions, and to take pause over previously unquestioned assumptions.

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Rosalie Smith McCrea

MA CDNS 1980

My memory of the program for the MA degree was that it was thorough. Students had to take prerequisite courses and electives as well. I was able to take courses that gave me a broader knowledge of Canadian history and culture from an artistic, literary and musical perspective. My MA thesis was directed by Dennis Reid who was then a leading Curator in Canadian painting at the National Gallery of Canada.


Frank Meness

MA CDNS 2006

FrankI would recommend Canadian Studies at Carleton because the professors are very interested in allowing you to the realize your potential. The School brings Canadian Studies to life!

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Moira Anne MacDermaid

MA CDNS 1967

Now more than ever, we need to understand our past and mobilize our resources and energy in order to flourish as a country and to work in solidarity with First Nations, immigrants, and other less privileged groups in society to achieve equality. I heartily recommend Canadian Studies as a route to this understanding.


John Woods

MA CDNS 1995

John WoodsThe Canadian Studies program provides a platform for students to “spend their credits” on courses in many areas of interest, making them a broad thinker, exposing them to an incredibly diverse range of concepts and ideas.


Julie Rak

MA CDNS 1991

JulieI benefited from the interdisciplinary learning atmosphere and resources at Carleton, and I was in class with students from across Canada. I highly recommend the program.


Cara Des Granges


CaraI would recommend the program as it is a really diverse degree that is a great fit for those with diverse interests like culture, history, politics and more. Because of the variety of topics covered you are constantly learning new material which is fun.