The following precepts and assumptions are intended to set the context for development of the Strategic Integrated Plan.

  1. The Strategic Integrated Plan will build on the Carleton University Strategic Mandate Agreement, as well as successes emerging from Defining Dreams, The Carleton Academic Plan and The Carleton Research Plan.
  2. We will continue to serve a diverse student body that expect excellence in their experience at Carleton, represented by opportunities to explore big questions, deal with real-world problems and receive the supports and services that enable them to succeed here and after graduation.
  3. Competition among Ontario institutions and beyond to attract students will grow more intense.
  4. Our operating budget will be under increasing pressure.
  5. Research council funding will not increase significantly and may decline. Available funds will be increasingly targeted to “strategic areas.”
  6. Competition for external funding from all sources and for all purposes will increase. We have to diversify our sources of funding and work with partners to support all of our activities
  7. Carleton’s primary location will not change but we will be open to diversifying our local and global presence through formal institutional collaborations and the use of technology to expand our reach.
  8. The Carleton Strategic Integrated Plan will set the stage for elaboration of priorities and action items, as well as identification of benchmarks for measuring success in revised plans at the university, faculty and unit levels. These will focus on academic, research, student support and administrative support as appropriate.