Katherine Graham Senior Advisor to the President & Provost  (Chair)
Cindy Taylor Director, Quality Initiatives
Betsy Springer Director, Pension Fund Management
Sandra Crocker Associate Vice-President (Research Planning & Operations)
Jen Sugar Assistant Director, Admissions Services
Wayne Jones Associate University Librarian (Collections & Library Development)
André Loiselle Associate Dean (Student Affairs) FGPA
Anthony Whitehead Director, School of Information Technology
Sarah Todd Faculty Member, School of Social Work
Jeff Smith Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry and Institute of Biochemistry
Andrew Kwai President, Carleton Academic Student Government
Lisa Wright Graduate Student & Research Assistant (Law and Legal Studies)
Robin Ritchie Assistant Professor, Sprott
Don Cumming Director of University Communications
Kevin Williams Research Analyst & Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Provost and VP (Academic)