In the President’s State of the University Address on September 11, President Runte elaborated on what collaboration means at Carleton:

“Collaboration began with our founding by members of the local community and reflects our close ties with the region as well as the joint programs, exchanges, and research projects which are shared by individuals and institutions around the world, from Sudbury to Cerne.

Joint programs with Algonquin College and international student exchange programs in over 100 nations around the world demonstrate our commitment to collaboration.

Collaboration among disciplines is also a trademark of this university and began, in the earliest days when all faculty shared one telephone. It had, I understand, a long cord and was passed through holes in the walls between offices.

While we no longer share telephones, we share ideas and information.

Strong co-operation starts at home and is reflected in our unique relationship with the University of Ottawa with which we share 28 graduate programs. Undergraduate students move freely back and forth—or rather up and down the Canal. Taken together we bring to the City of Ottawa some 70,000 students and the second highest amount of research dollars in Ontario.”