Rena Bivens recently visited the Microsoft Research New England lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was invited to visit with the Social Media Collective in particular, which includes researchers such as Nancy Baym, Tarleton Gillespie, Mary L. Gray, Nick Couldry, Dan Greene, and Dylan Mulvin. The Collective also consists of danah boyd and Kate Crawford, who are located in Microsoft’s New York lab.

Visiting faculty are equipped with an office and invited to take part in weekly meetings scheduled by both the Collective and the lab as a whole. It is a great opportunity to share research ideas, receive feedback, and interact with the broad range of researchers working at Microsoft, who are very generous with their time. Since there are many universities nearby, including MIT, Harvard, and Tufts, other faculty and graduate students also drop by to engage with the Collective.

Monday, October 23, 2017 in ,
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