The Ottawa Citizen published a nine-part series of historical essays — “Tales of July 1, 1867” — by Associate Professor Randy Boswell as part of its special coverage of the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

The Ottawa Sun, meanwhile, published a 12-page, 12,000-word pullout section by Boswell on the eve of Canada Day — “We’ve Got Game” — to celebrate 150 years of sports heritage in the capital.

The Citizen series, also published at, was billed as a collection of “long-overlooked stories that shed fresh light on Confederation’s first 24 hours and some of the people whose lives were touched by the events of that landmark day 150 years ago.” It began with the story of “Confederation’s Son,” an Ottawa boy born on the first Dominion Day who grew up to become the city’s beloved fire chief.

The final essay focused on the evolution of Christ Church Cathedral — the bell of which rang in Confederation in 1867 — from 19th-century bastion of Anglo power and privilege to multifaith-friendly, LGBTQ-positive beacon of the “New Canada,” a church deeply implicated in the Indian Residential Schools tragedy but now at the vanguard of reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous people.

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