Monday, August 14, 2017

Knezevic publishes a co-edited volume titled ‘Nourishing Communities’

Carleton University Professor Irena Knezevic has just co-edited a new book titled Nourishing Communities: From Fractured Food Systems to Transformative Pathways with Alison Blay-Palmer, Charles Z. Levkoe, Phil Mount and Erin Nelson. Published by Springer, the volume provides an overview of sustainable food system research in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, with applications across the globe.

Building on “existing alternative food initiatives and food movements research”, the book explores how a systems approach can bring about health and well-being through enhanced collaboration. Its 12 chapters describe “the myriad ways community-driven actors work to foster food systems that are socially just, embed food in local economies, regenerate the environment and actively engage citizens”. Drawing on case studies, interviews and Participatory Action Research projects, throughout the book the editors “share the stories behind community-driven efforts to develop sustainable food systems, and present a critical assessment of both the tensions and the achievements of these initiatives.”

“The volume is unique in its focus on approaches and methodologies that both support and recognize the value of community-based practices. Throughout the book the editors identify success stories, challenges and opportunities that link practitioner experience to critical debates in food studies, practice and policy. By making current practices visible to scholars, the volume speaks to people engaged in the co-creation of knowledge, and documents a crucial point in the evolution of a rapidly expanding and dynamic sustainable food systems movement.”

More information can be found online here.

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