By Levi Garber, Master of Journalism student

Traditionally, there was little preparation for journalists heading into war zones. But at Carleton’s School of Journalism and Communication, preparation for conflict reporting is taken seriously.

Our group of 25 students spent the last weekend in October at Canadian Forces Base Borden as embedded journalists in a war game exercise known as Exercise Ardent Defender.

For this year’s exercise, the Canadian Armed Forces hosted a mock deployment to the country of Goloka, where ethnic tensions between the ruling Golokans and minority Tomak people had led to an insurgency of guerilla warfare.

In the scenario, the Militant Alliance of Goloka, or MAG, an insurgency group with similar extremist goals to ISIS, had taken control of a Tomak rebellion and began an orchestrated improvised bombing campaign in the Golokan capital region of Borden. In response, Goloka requested the United Nations to intervene and send a peacekeeping mission to reassert stability.


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