Journalism professor Randy Boswell has edited a newly published collection of essays exploring the dramatic changes in Canadian society between the time of the country’s Centennial in 1967 and the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017. Produced by the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies, the latest edition of Canadian Issues/Thèmes Canadiens is titled “1967 to 2017: Canada Transformed” and includes contributions from award-winning popular historian Ken McGoogan, UBC gender studies pioneer Veronica Strong-Boag and Victor Rabinovitch, former CEO of the Canadian Museum of Civilization (now Canadian Museum of History) and Canadian War Museum.

“I’ve only ever known the post-Expo Canada that — for all of its cultural divides and social inequities, its historic injustices and contemporary challenges — seems to me, overall, to be progressing in the right direction, towards greater tolerance and fairness and peaceable prosperity,” Boswell writes in the volume’s introductory essay.

“Safe to say, I think, that women, immigrants, Indigenous people, and members of Canada’s LGBTQ communities wouldn’t want to turn the clock back 50 years, no matter what battles lie ahead.”

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