Prof. Chris Dornan was on the road to present two papers over the summer.

The first — “The News Media, Social Media, and Hegemonic Disruption” — was delivered to the Inventing Hegemonies conference at the University of Warsaw in May.  It explored the damage done to traditional agencies of hegemonic authority as a consequence of the advent of social media.

The second — “Home Front: Social Media, Information Wars, and the Struggle for Domestic Hegemony” — was delivered to a conference on Hegemonic Strategies hosted by the Dialogue on Civilizations, Berlin, in August.  This paper built on the first to consider the vulnerability of the West to deliberate campaigns of disinformation, and the threat to the liberal order of domestic extremism and authoritarianism.

On that same question, he was a featured speaker on the Hard Questions Roundtable on Misinformation Online, jointly organized by Facebook and Library and Archives Canada, and held at the National Library in June.

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