A new documentary began filming on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in west Iceland on 15th of April, 2018. A former MJ student, Fangliang Xu, is the director and cinematographer for this project.  

The documentary is under the working title: “Killer Whales of West Iceland and Their Protection: The Changing Appreciation of the Ocean’s Top Predator Among the Icelandic Local Community”.

The bilingual (Icelandic-English) story, which emphasizes a non-invasive approach for the orca’s well-being, focusses on the connection of locals with the orcas and the development of the conservation movement from inside the Icelandic community.

The two core components of the project, wildlife and people, will also be put into focus through the question: What has changed within the local community after killer whale sightings increased along the peninsula since 2010?

The documentary aims at motivating people to take action against pollution and disturbance of wildlife both locally and internationally, showcasing practical protection measures.

The documentary is produced by Orca Guardians Iceland in cooperation with Xu Media Production and Wild Sky Productions, bringing together an international film crew from Iceland, China/Canada, the UK, France, and Germany. Filming will continue until May 6th, 2018, and is sponsored by Láki Tours Whale Watching. The project is made possible with the support of a grant from the National Geographic Society.

Xu currently works as a cameraperson and video editor at Carleton’s Media Production Centre. She also has been working as an independent producer after finishing her Master’s degree in Journalism in 2015.



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