First Sir John A. and now Gandhi. Student activists want to oust Carleton’s statue of Gandhi, arguing his past was tainted by racism and misogyny.

Following similar clashes over figures such as Sir John A. Macdonald and Edward Cornwallis, third-year Bachelor of Journalism student Connor Oke decided to explore the question of how we look back on the past. 

Here’s the opening excerpt of his story, which was recently published by Vice:

Every winter, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Carleton University is affectionately adorned with hats and scarves to keep it from getting too cold.

But this tribute is a lie, say a growing number of critics, who are demanding the university remove the statue of the Indian activist. They say despite his admirable reputation, Gandhi was also a misogynist, a racist towards black Africans and a supporter of the caste system in India.

You can read the full story on Vice here.

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